We have all the business resources and relationships you need to acquire and manage your real estate portfolio locally and from abroad.

All assets and portfolios are fully underwritten to assure financial feasibility.

Full assessment to determine which properties are best suited for repositioning.

Highest and best use in addition to potential future value throughout all levels of development.

Maintain the assets through our property management arm BG Asset Management (BGAM).


1. We discuss your goals

After discussing your current position we help to determine the best and most efficient path to achieve your future goals.

2. Scrutinized analysis for each product and market.

Prior to presentation to our clients, we ensure we’re not wasting anyone's time and that all assets presented are worth looking over.

3. Aggressive and calculated marketing efforts (sellers) and acquisition (buyers) begin.

We strive to ensure that whether you are acquiring or disposing one or multiple assets we provide you with top quality service.

4. Maintaining the client relationship after the transaction.

Even after the transaction is completed, we collaborate with our third party network to assist with entity creation, advanced asset planning strategies and regular market updates.