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Getting You Ready for Financial Independence

The process is quite simple to getting you ready for financial independence.

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We discuss your goals

After discussing your current position we help to determine the best and most efficient path to achieve your future goals.

Scrutinized analysis for each product and market.

Prior to presentation to our clients, we ensure we’re not wasting anyone's time and that all assets presented are worth looking over.

Aggressive and calculated marketing efforts (sellers) and acquisition (buyers) begin.

We strive to ensure that whether you are acquiring or disposing one or multiple assets we provide you with top quality service.

Maintaining the client relationship after the transaction.

Even after the transaction is completed, we collaborate with our third party network to assist with entity creation, advanced asset planning strategies and regular market updates.

What our clients are saying

I'm still in Marc's debt. I took on a big project by buying an 11 unit apartment building when I wasn't really ready to manage it. I asked him if he'd be willing to teach me for a few months until I got the hang of it. Well the building had been neglected by the previous owner so it came with more than a few issues. There was no incident that could occur that he didn't know how to deal with professionally. I have since taken my building back over without shaky legs thanks to his help. I remain in his debt for all the help he gave me. Thanks Marc!

carson portrait-Baniqued Commercial Real Estate

Carson B.

Hayward, CA

I have known Brian Baniqued for over 20 years and he has always amazed me with how hard he works, his knowledge of real estate investing and getting the best mortgage loans. He always readily gives you sound real estate and investment advise and takes a personal interest in helping you achieve your Real Estate investment goals.

I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a true professional that will give you sound advise and guidance in obtaining your investment or home ownership dreams.

william portrait-Baniqued Commercial Real Estate

William W.

Napa, CA

Ericka Petterson got me an amazing deal on the property of my dreams! excellent negotiating skills, and local knowledge. she is a very trusted Realtor!

mark portrait-Baniqued Commercial Real Estate

Mark P.

San Francisco, CA

I started the process of being a Homeowner back in 2013. It was what I expected. Not fun. Looking back in hindsight, I was very fortunate that I didn’t find anything. It all began in early 2017 when I started working with Brian. Right from the get-go, I was amazed by the high level of service from him and his team. I knew that I was working with a great Professional Team. Brian wowed me with advanced analytics, but was also very thorough in explaining details that I didn’t understand. My excitement skyrocketed! I was introduce to Sandy, who assisted with locking in the best rates and terms for the loan. “Successful.” Janet, who made it very easy for me to sign and return important documents in a timely manner. “Efficient.” Marc, who is helping me now with managing the property now. “Superman.” I would like to thank everyone who was involved. Lastly, what impressed me the most was how knowledgeable Brian was in Real Estate, and how much he cared about helping me. “Privileged.” I am a Homeowner now thanks to you all. I couldn’t have ask for a better team! Thank you, Baniqued Realty Team!

Kao Saeteurn

My wife and I were very interested in purchasing our first commercial multifamily property. We had purchased a few single-family homes as investments, so we were not new to the real estate game. In August 2017 we reached out to Adolfo Ruiz with Baniqued Realty who introduced us to Brian Baniqued.
During our first official meeting in November, Brian laid out a cohesive path for us to follow with a viable entry and exit strategy. He was diligent in reviewing our finances with us to determine if we were qualified to afford a significant real estate purchase of this type. He spent many hours with us during the day, nights and weekends to discuss a plan for success.
Over the course of 4-6 months he showed us properties that were within our budget. Once we located a property and were interested in making an offer, he reviewed the financials for the property. He verified that a positive cashflow would be generated with a potential to increase over time.
Brian found a lender and secured a commercial loan for us. We received an affordable rate and good terms. He also set up a meeting with Marc Guzman the CEO for BGAM Property Management to discuss our request to have a property manager for this location.
Brian coordinated the transaction from start to finish; putting our minds at ease during the entire transaction. Brian and his team have been instrumental in helping us acquire our first cash-flowing commercial multifamily property. We closed in June 2018.
Just when we thought we were done, we worked with Brian and his team to purchase our second cash-flowing commercial property in November 2018. For those sitting on the sidelines or too hesitant to make the move we say, “Jump in, you will be glad that you did.”
To Brian and his team, we thank you for your assistance and support in helping us launch our path to financial freedom.

Steve and Julie Garcia

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