The Company


Who we are

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and founded by Brian Baniqued in 1991 Baniqued Realtors and it’s affiliates including Baniqued Commercial Real Estate (BCRE) are well known for being an independent real estate brokerage with a reputation of assisting our clients in all of their individual, family and business goals. We regularly keep our clients informed about the changing market conditions, new tax laws and asset planning strategies that best serve our clients interests.

Although we primarily assist clients in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, our abilities and expertise reaches all types of real estate assets throughout not only California but also the entire United States including Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Arizona and New York. This is possible thanks to not only our highly scrutinized market and asset analysis but also our collective understanding and insight into local, federal and global political and economic trends and how they could directly or inversely affect our client’s real estate portfolio.

BCRE is an independent real estate brokerage

We are committed to being your long term investment partner now and in the future regardless of the size and scope of your goals