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Marc Guzman

Broker Associate / Property Manager

I know that this sounds like a pretty daunting undertaking. I am a millennial working in an industry that is extremely slow to adapt to change, and the powers that be are actively opposing change as well. We live in a world where information is always available at our fingertips, and if you have a question, then you should get an answer. I am the only property manager in the Bay Area that puts out tons of free content for landlords and tenants, while the rest of the industry is worried about keeping this information secret.

I began my career in 2003 at the age of 18. Earned my real estate license three months after graduating from high school and began my career in real estate. I have always been a ͞numbers͟ guy, and so I quickly began working with investors to identify homes to purchase, remodel, and resell.

One thing I quickly realized as a beginner in real estate was how many professionals did not obtain further education. I vowed to not be the same and in 2006 I obtained my Broker’s license. To this day, I continue furthering my education and making it a point to know more than my competitors.

In 2007 I began to transition to property management. When the housing market crashed, I began transitioning my business to selling foreclosure properties. Selling foreclosure properties usually took an average of 12 months from beginning to end. I had to manage the vacant homes and the occupied homes as if they were rental properties. And we were handling 250 properties per year!

During the next few years, I gained a lot of experience managing properties and realized there was a huge demand for property management. I began working with non-bank clients, managing their investment properties.

As I was building my property management business, I discovered how ͞shady͟ this industry could be. Property management companies would not pay owners consistently, make random repairs to a property, not provide repair bids or invoices, charge extra fees for something as simple as driving to a property, scam tenants, and more! This was ludicrous, and it was the reason why I have built my property management business with full transparency.

When you are fully transparent and honest about your good intentions, people will trust you. This trust has helped me build my property management business and I am proud to be the CEO & Co-Founder of BG Asset Management. Because of my success, I have even had the opportunity to speak in front of other companies, guiding their agents toward more proper business practices.

Today, I am currently managing more than 600 residential and commercial units, and I am responsible for hundreds of closed real estate transactions. I take great pride in the fact that I invest in my education, make my career a part of who I am and that every owner and tenant has my personal cell phone. I care about helping you, and I over the years, I have become very good at it.