Outdoor Activities and Recreation in Vallejo

Outdoor Activities and Recreation in Vallejo

Vallejo is a city in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers a variety of outdoor activities and recreation for residents and visitors alike. Whether you are looking for a relaxing stroll, a challenging hike, or a fun family outing, Vallejo has something for everyone. Here are some of the best parks, hiking trails, and recreational activities in Vallejo that you can enjoy.


Vallejo has 33 parks with various amenities, ranging from playgrounds and picnic areas to tennis courts and golf courses1. Some of the most popular parks in Vallejo are:

Hiking Trails

Vallejo has several hiking trails that offer different levels of difficulty and scenery. Some of the best hiking trails in Vallejo are:

  • Carquinez Overlook Trail: This trail is a moderate 1.4-mile loop that starts from the Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline park and ascends to a ridge that overlooks the strait and the bridges. The trail offers panoramic views of the water and the hills, and is a good spot for birdwatching and wildflower viewing.
  • Middle Valley and South Valley Trail: This trail is a moderate 3.6-mile loop that starts from the Lynch Canyon Open Space park and traverses through rolling hills, oak woodlands, and grasslands. The trail offers views of the Napa Valley and the San Pablo Bay and is a good spot for wildlife viewing and photography.
  • Old Glen Cove Road to Glen Cove Marina: This trail is an easy 2-mile out and back that starts from the Glen Cove Parkway and follows a path through a wooded canyon to the Glen Cove Marina. The trail offers views of the Carquinez Strait and the marina, and is a good spot for biking and hiking.

Recreational Activities

Vallejo has a variety of recreational activities that cater to different interests and ages. Some of the best recreational activities in Vallejo are:

  • Golf: Vallejo has three golf courses that offer different levels of challenge and scenery. The Mare Island Golf Club is a historic 18-hole course that was established in 1892 and features views of the bay and the naval shipyard. The Hiddenbrooke Golf Club is a 18-hole course that was designed by Arnold Palmer and features rolling hills, water hazards, and bunkers. The Blue Rock Springs Golf Courses are two 18-hole courses that feature elevation changes, mature trees, and creeks.
  • Aquatics: Vallejo has two aquatic centers that offer swimming and water fitness programs for all ages and abilities. The Cunningham Aquatic Complex is an olympic-size swimming pool that has diving boards, a water slide, and a splash pad. The Glen Cove Aquatic Center is a smaller pool that has a shallow end, a deep end, and a water slide.
  • Camp Fire Golden Empire: This is a non-profit organization that provides outdoor education and camping programs for children and youth in Vallejo and surrounding areas. One of their programs is the Camp Gold Hollow Resident Camp, which offers an outdoor experience that is perfect for first time and experienced campers alike. The camp is located in Nevada City and features activities such as archery, arts and crafts, canoeing, hiking, and swimming.

Tips for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Families

If you are planning to enjoy the outdoor activities and recreation in Vallejo, here are some tips to make your experience more enjoyable and safe:

  • Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately for the temperature and the activity. Wear layers, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes.
  • Bring water, snacks, and a first aid kit. Stay hydrated and nourished, and be prepared for any minor injuries or emergencies.
  • Follow the park and trail rules and regulations. Respect the wildlife, the plants, and the other visitors. Do not litter, feed, or disturb the animals. Keep your dogs on a leash and clean up after them. Stay on the designated paths and trails.
  • Have fun and explore. Vallejo has a lot to offer for outdoor enthusiasts and families. Discover new places, learn new things, and make new memories.