Waterfront communities in Vallejo CA

Waterfront Communities in Vallejo CA: A Guide for Homebuyers

If you are looking for a home in Vallejo CA, you might want to consider the waterfront communities that offer a unique lifestyle and a variety of benefits. Whether you are a fan of boating, fishing, hiking, or simply enjoying the scenic views, living by the water can be a rewarding experience. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the neighborhoods located along the waterfront in Vallejo CA, and discuss the appeal of living by the water, the recreational opportunities, and the real estate options.

The Appeal of Living by the Water

Living by the water has many advantages, such as:

Recreational Opportunities in Vallejo CA Waterfront Communities

Vallejo CA is a city that offers a lot of recreational opportunities for its residents and visitors, especially along the waterfront. Some of the popular attractions and activities include:

Real Estate Options in Vallejo CA Waterfront Communities

Vallejo CA has a diverse and dynamic real estate market, with a range of options for homebuyers who are interested in waterfront communities. Some of the neighborhoods that offer waterfront homes include:

  • Glen Cove: This is a master-planned community that features single-family homes, townhomes, and condos with views of the Carquinez Strait and the hills. The community has a marina, a yacht club, a shopping center, and a school. The homes range from $400,000 to $900,0009.
  • Carquinez Highlands: This is a neighborhood that offers custom-built homes on large lots with panoramic views of the water and the city. The neighborhood has a rural feel, with open space, wildlife, and trails. The homes range from $600,000 to $1.5 million10.
  • Mare Island: This is a historic island that was once a naval shipyard and is now being redeveloped into a mixed-use community. The island has waterfront homes, lofts, apartments, and condos, as well as a golf course, a brewery, a museum, and a ferry terminal. The homes range from $300,000 to $1 million11.


Vallejo CA is a city that offers a lot of opportunities and benefits for homebuyers who are looking for waterfront communities. Living by the water can enhance your health, happiness, and lifestyle, as well as your investment. If you are interested in finding your dream home in Vallejo CA, contact us today and we will help you with your search.